7th International Research – to – Practice Conference «Modern technologies and Energy Economics»

On April 25, 2024, the annual International Research – to – Practice Conference for students, postgraduates, young scientists and researchers «Modern technologies and Energy Economics» (MTEE) will be held online

Principal directions: energy, energy economics, modern and advanced technologies in energy, energy supply, ecology, information technologies and etc.

The Conference will be organized in the following sections:

Conference languages are Russian and English.

Since 15 of March till 10 April (including) everyone interested can to take a part in the Conference have to submit their papers in steering committee to selection for participation, furthermore they have to fill out an application. Separately, among the approved reports, two from each university will be selected, the authors of which will be invited to speak. Registration forms and forms to submit the works present on the official website of the Conference: стээ.рф.

Submission of the report is to be done only via the official website of the Conference.

The format of the papers as described below. Applications are not considered or registered, if it is not received from the official website of the Conference.

Email of the Conference: mtee-international@yandex.ru

Expert evaluation and competitive admissions of applications are accomplished by steering committee of the Conference.

Steering committee of the Conference:

Scientific committee of the Conference:

Editorial committee of the Conference:

Content requirement of supplies collected papers of the Conference

Provided materials must be capable pf standard requiring of papers and it should contains:

Review and abstract work’s are not accepted to publication.

If the formal job requirement are not meeting, then works are not accepted.

Deviating causes are not informed to authors.

All submitted papers will have two-phase scientific reviewing. Whereafter decision of the possibility of publishing will be decided.

All works must have expert evaluation and license agreement.

Materials of the conference will be notated and placed in RNCI.

Best works will be recommended to publish in journals which peer-reviewed in Scopus and Web of Science.

Requirements to processing of works

Papers are accepted only in the format of file Microsoft Word (*.doc). It should have the next parameters:

Allowable content have to be no more then 3 full pages.

Pictures are made in the form of single pictures and are placed between paragraphs of text; text flow around pictures is not allowed. All figures are numbered, the captions to the figures are executed under them in font size 9. The figures should be referenced in the text. Drawings made up of individual elements are not allowed. Numbers, symbols and text inside the picture field must be readable (large enough).

Tables are numbered and must have names (printed in front of the table, font size - 9), they must be referenced in the text.

References should not be automatic, they are given in the text of the article in square brackets after the quote (the number of the source is indicated - [1], [2], etc.). Links to several sources indicating the pages are separated by a semicolon ([1, p. 5-7; 2, p. 4]). In the list of references, sources are numbered in Arabic numerals with a dot without brackets (1., 2., etc.). All sources from the list of references must be referenced in the text. Links are numbered in the order they appear in the text of the article.

Automatic numbering of paragraphs, lists of listings, automatic designation of indents (by any sign) are not allowed!

The text in the text box is as follows (see Appendix 1):

Expert opinion
License agreement
Information letter